The Trudge Report


Results you can see.  It’s hard to notice a change when you see yourself every day. But,that Fall ritual of new school pictures is proof that trudging has been worth the effort at last!






Exercise Log – aka Keeping Jacquie On Track!

How did I get motivated?  Read all about it at: Exercise – Duh!!

MONTH:  MAY 2010

Up to 5 miles a day – 4 or 5 days a week.  Yay Me!!

I’ve discovered a great way to keep motivated.  Instead of writing about my progress here – I have started a food and exercise journal using an online application.  It sets a daily weight loss calorie count based on my current age and weight.  I just plug in the food I eat and it keeps track so I know if I am under or over.  The best part?   When I plug in my 60 minutes of daily walking, I get to eat 400+ change in additional calories.  It’s a great visual of the “calories in, calories out” rule that we all know about.  Somehow, having an online calculator to adjust the numbers right in front of my face, really helps to keep me motivated.  Since I started using it, I have lost 4 pounds.

I will probably not blog on this topic anymore.  If I do – it will be over at the Everyday Health page – The Trudge Report:

Week of May 3:

74 min + 72 min +


MONTH:  April 2010 (45 MILES)

Week of April 26: 14 MILES
62 min + 40 min +71 min +74 min = 4.1 hours

Week of April 19: 19 MILES
62 min + 75 min +78min +73min +78min = 6.1 hours

Week of April 12: 2.5 MILES
Another bad week. Mon: 40 minutes Tues: Late mtg Wed: Dental Surgery: Thursday-Sunday: Recuperating (too wacky to walk because of pain meds)

Week of April 5:  9.5  MILES
Bad week for walking.  Family still visiting on Monday.  Rain on Tuesday & Wed.  Meeting on Thursday.  The up side?  I am annoyed that I can’t walk – rather than glad to have an excuse.  Still – I managed to get in the following times:  30min +70min +60min = 2.7 hours

MONTH:  March 2010 (36.1 MILES)

Week of March 29: 14.6 MILES
68min +68min +70min +55min=4.35 hours

Week of March 22: 7 MILES
40min +65min = 1.75 hours.  Bad week – rain + meetings

Week of March 15:  14.5 MILES
55min + 65min +65min +67min  =  4.2 hours

Monthly Trudge Report

MONTH:  February 2010

The Trudge Report

The Trudge Report – Week of Feb. 8

MONTH:  January 2010

Keeping myself honest

Exercise – Duh!!

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