The Trudge Report – Week of Feb. 8

Still going strong with the walking.  Today was particularly beautiful.

I also went to the doctor this week and my blood tests reinforce the benefits.  My good cholesterol is up 6 points.  My bone scan results are very encouraging as well.  Although I can’t really credit the walking with that yet – as I had not been walking regularly when that test was done.  Still – I expect the next one will be even better.  This scan improvement is because of mega doses of calcium and vitamin D.  My doctor is not a believer in the much-advertised bone-building meds such as Boniva and Fosamax.  She told me a year ago that she had seen as much improvement with calcium and D  – and the quality of bone growth is better – not as brittle.

So – all of this is a consolation prize for the fact that I’ve not only NOT lost weight – I have actually gained 2 pounds.  Oh well.   The improvement in health is good enough to keep me going.  Maybe some day the old metabolism will kick into at least second gear!

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