Exercise – Duh!!!

Well  it’s that time again.  Time to strengthen my resolve to exercise regularly.


  1. There is always a reason to put it off.
  2. It has NEVER helped me lose weight.  When  a month to 6 weeks of regular efforts do not result in even one paltry pound lost – what on earth is the point? (I eat a low-fat diet because I want to hang onto my cranky gall-bladder.  I don’t approve of parting with body parts unless there truly are irreconcilable differences,)
  3. Knowing it’s important to keep moving and healthy doesn’t seem to help at all.
  4. I really and truly HATE & DESPISE exercise.  It’s nothing but a chore.
  5. I HATE repetitive movement.  It is SO0000 boring.
  6. Watching my favorite TV shows while on my exercise machine doesn’t work.  After 5 minutes I am looking at the timer thinking that at least 15 minutes MUST have gone by.  It is truly a chore to get 30 minutes in.  I can’t even imagine getting in the recommended hour of exercise.
  7. There is always “work” to do that is more interesting.  Laundry,  re-organizing the cupboards, cleaning the toilet…..ANYTHING.
  8. When I get home – it is just so  tempting to do something fun and/or relaxing.

….And then I had a “Duh!” moment 2 weeks ago as I was walking to my car.

Wouldn’t it be easy to just … keep on walking?  I’m already bundled up for the weather.  Why get into the car when I could have a nice walk and simply enjoy the outdoors?  Our school is in a rural area.  The road is flat and not heavily traveled.  Why not just keep walking out of the parking lot, take a nice brisk stride through the countryside for 15 minutes and then take the 15 minutes back to the car.  So – I’ve been walking as often as I possibly can for a half hour for the past 2 weeks.  Next week, I plan to bump that up to 40 minutes.   After that – we’ll see.


  1. It feels like just a brief extension of my work day – no big deal.
  2. It gives me time to unwind and transition between work and home.
  3. It’s pretty outside.
  4. It feels good to breathe fresh air.
  5. Even if it is cold – walking keeps me warm.
  6. It’s NOT boring.  There is always something pretty or interesting to look at.
  7. It is not so tempting to skip the exercise time when you are walking out of work.  It is really hard to resist that temptation after you pull in your driveway, and the warmth and comfort of home beckons seductively .
  8. I don’t feel like I am stealing from my precious “relaxation time” – because I FINALLY have found something that does not bore me to tears, or make me resent the time I am “giving up”.

Wish me luck!!

9 thoughts on “Exercise – Duh!!!

  1. Walking is the only exercise I can maintain. I’ve walked nearly every noon hour for about 3 miles for years. It doesn’t help me control my weight much (only less eating will probably do thst), but it does make me feel healthy and it is a great time to think and unwind.

    Good luck!


  2. Thanks for the good wishes. I just can’t believe it took me this long to find a time period that actually works for me. Maybe brisk walking will speed up my brain synapses!

  3. I’m struggling with the same issues. I walk my dog at times…but I just hate the cold. Exercise has been on my mind too. It doesn’t help that I’m married to an exercise madman who does triathlons every summer! Guilt guilt guilt!

  4. Thank God my hubby is as much as a couch potato as I am. I don’t particularly like the cold – but as long as it is not windy, the walking does seem to keep me comfortably warm. And mainly – it’s feels like part of my work day – instead of a whole extra job when i get home

  5. Today was a test. It’s Friday for one thing. For another, there was a hint of a drizzle in the air. To make things even more tempting – I had to go grocery shopping. Lots of reasons to skip the walk. I spoke sternly to myself and just did it. I was done by 3:30, went shopping and brought home a cooked chicken and salad makings, and got home by 4:50. Still lots of time to relax and contemplate a long weekend. Good luck to you and thanks for your comment. Now I have another blog to add to my news reader!

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