Is it PC to be PC?

Having a bad day here. Tired to death of people using  the phrase “politically correct” as if it was somehow a dirty phrase. I admit that I HATE the term, and not just because I am accused of it all the time. I hate it because using it as a pejorative is a way of reframing compassion and kindness into a negative.  People need to understand that freedom of expression can be maintained without hurting others of different faiths/cultures or political/social viewpoints.  What has happened to compassion for our fellow humans? Have we completely lost our ability to feel someone else’s pain?  I advocate that we start using a new phrase.  We should test our words, not through the lens of “political correctness”, but rather through the filter of “Compassionate Kindness”. 

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Don’t Mess With Texas … Unless You Are Big Industry

I missed this in the news when it happened a few months ago. Apparently some Republican politicians support state and local rights … when financially convenient.

Do you think that state and local governments will help preserve government “of the people, for the people, by the people”? Not so fast. Look at what has been done in Texas.

From Represent Us:

Last November, the people of Denton, Texas voted to ban a natural gas extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” in their city. Despite being outspent 10-1 by the oil and gas industry in the month leading up to the vote, the people of Denton passed the state’s first local fracking ban with a citizen-led referendum.

After the Denton vote, Governor Greg Abbot signed a bill banning not just Denton, but all Texas towns from making their own decisions about oil and gas drilling. Why would a small government “conservative” use government power to take away local control and overrule the vote of the People?

Just follow the money.

States Are Blocking Local Regulations, Often at Industry’s Behest

For a more snarky viewpoint, watch the video on this page:

Texas Blocks Local Fracking Bans

I hope the Republican Party and the Tea Party are as outraged as I am. If ever there was an issue that should be under local control, this is it.

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I am scaring myself….

In spite of being of a very liberal mindset – I find myself actually agreeing with some conservative voices lately.   Sends shivers down my spine.

First I find myself admiring a column by Charles Krauthammer, and today I find myself saying “right on!” to Rick Perry via a Michael Gerson post. How surreal is THIS title??? Rick Perry emerges as a responsible voice among Republicans, by Michael Gerson.  

Maybe I am just more moderate than I think.  I just can’t bring myself to use the term conservative when referring to my political leanings.  Or maybe Donald Trump has addled my brains. I am just so incredibly relieved to realize that there is a portion of conservative voters that have not been mesmerized by this travesty of a candidate.  Also – if truth be told – I don’t think Hillary has a chance of winning.  So…I am looking for a viable Republican candidate.  The world as we know it might just come to an end if I actually end up voting for a Republican presidential candidate.  It is something I have NEVER done.  I have voted (reluctantly) for Republican candidates in state and local governments – but NEVER for a presidential candidate.

Some far right conservatives have said that liberals are so rabidly anti-Trump because The Trumpeter actually has a very good chance of winning.  Again – I find myself agreeing with the conservatives.  Scary, no matter which way you look at it.

Might be adding more thoughts to this post later.   Or, more likely,  I might just wander off again…..

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Best Use of the Word “Bloviating”

verb US informal
gerund or present participle: bloviating
talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way.

And the award goes to ……

The Desmoines Register Editorial Staff for:

Editorial: Trump should pull the plug on his bloviating side show

I cannot BELIEVE that ANYONE is taking Donald Trump seriously as a presidential candidate.  Aside from being supremely unqualified…he is positively dangerous.  Imagine giving this thoughtless blowhard the power of the presidency.  I would think it was all a Facebook meme, except it is for real and he is seriously dangerous.  Please tell me it is all a bad dream and I will wake up soon.  On the other hand, he does make the other Republican candidates look better by comparison.  Shockingly, despite my liberal tendencies, there are 1 or 2 candidates that I do NOT find terrifying.

I am finding it difficult to pick a category for this post. Should it be Political Issues…or Humor?  I don’t presently have a category for Train Wrecks. Maybe I need to create one as long as I am revamping this blog….

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