Please – Can We Stop Fighting over Christmas??

The latest “controversy” over Starbucks Coffee Cups is another example of how we have lost the ability to just be nice.

I grew up in the 50s (a very un-liberal time) and at least a third of the “Christmas Cards” contained the phrase “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” and probably half the songs used the phrase “Happy Holidays” or featured snowmen, Santa, and reindeer etc. No one thought it was a “War against Christmas!” Guess we just assumed people would enjoy a friendly greeting and a happy song during the season.

For the rest of the season, I plan to block all websites that harp on either side of this “issue” – so that I can have a Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holiday Season, Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year AND wish Happy Holidays to EVERYONE, even those who celebrate Hannukah, Kwanza and any other holiday.

I like people and, oddly, I like to wish them all well. Christmas is my tradition. I will probably say “Merry Christmas” at least half of the time. To those who are NOT Christian – I am simply wishing you the happiness that Christmas gives me. If you reply with Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays or whatever, I will concentrate on the word HAPPY and assume you are wishing me well.

I hope that EVERYONE will have a peaceful season, no matter what your religion or non-religion. I will tell you that stopping all the political and social issue websites from entering my feed has made me a MUCH happier person. I highly recommend it!!

Meanwhile – PLEASE – Let There be Peace on Earth!

Compassion and Respect in an Either-Or World

I have a different take on the situation with county clerk Kim Davis. I have written about a similar issue before. What I have to say will not be popular in an either-or, black and white world such as ours.  I will likely make enemies in both camps of this issue. But there really IS another viewpoint other than the two opinions yelled out in front of Ms. Davis’ place of business.

First off….I am 100% in favor of gay marriage.  Everyone should have the right to make a public and legal commitment to the person they love.  Period.  End of story there.  I was incredibly thrilled with the Supreme Court decision on this matter, and proud of our country for making this the law of the land.  Also, I am a Christian, and I do NOT believe that marriage is allowed only between one man and one woman. It is a commitment that should be open to anyone brave enough to take it on!

All that said, I recognize that there are many good people who sincerely believe that same-sex marriage is a violation of God’s laws.  I can understand and respect that….as long as they do not try to force their beliefs on others.

Here is where I diverge.  Yes I believe in the right of fundamentalist Christians and other religious groups to follow the dictates of their conscience. However, given this sudden change in the law, I think we need to allow people and agencies the time and space to make needed policy adjustments.

What do I mean by that?  Kim Davis took the position of county clerk before same-sex marriage was the law of the state – let alone the law of the land.  She accepted a position knowing that she was capable of fulfilling all her duties.  Now she is not capable. People have said that she should resign if she cannot do her job. I understand that position and I believe she might have to do that in the end.  But I also think that the state should think of a way that she can be “grandfathered” in with slightly different expectations.  The state needs to be clear that someone else in her office will be able to authorize legal marriage licenses.  I know they have already – but there is a question as to whether this is legal.  Really this should be a simple accommodation that can be made to ALL people who were hired by offices that issue marriage licenses before this decision was made.

This accommodation might not be enough for some people who abide by very strict religious rules.  If that is the case – so be it.  There is no choice for them but to resign as a matter of conscience.

What does this mean going forward?  ANYONE, no matter their religion or beliefs, who accepts a job like Kim Davis’ position, MUST issue marriage licenses to ALL couples, regardless of sex, color, nationality etc., because those were the parameters of the job they accepted.  But let us offer some measure of sympathy and compassion to those who have been overtaken by a sweeping change like this one.

Bottom line.  I think Kim Davis stance against same-sex marriage is WRONG – both morally and religiously.  But I will defend her right to live by her faith.  She did not ask for this, and if most people will really think about it, they will view her with sympathy and admiration for her courage.

10 Day Detox, Part II

I did VERY well on the detox.  The good stuff:

1.  Glucose level went from 117 to 83 – Yay!

2.  Insulin level when from 25.8 to 9.7 – Double Yay!

3.  I lost 13 pounds in 22 days – Triple Yay!

4.  My breathing feels MUCH better.  It feels like I might be on the right track for getting off the “devil’s pills” – prednisone.

5.  I have got used to it – so plan to continue with just a few modifications.


The less good stuff:

1.  Adding back coffee might be the cause of the rash I developed the same day.  Will try it again tomorrow and see what happens.

2.  Nauseus in the morning because protein in the am makes me queasy.  WAY TOO OLD to experience morning sickness deja vue all over again!  Still – I tried tuna salad this morning, and it actually did not make me want to hurl. Progress!

3.  I seem to be excessively fatigued.  More likely the illness than the diet. By fatigued, I mean fall asleep wherever I land, hard time following conversations, difficult time doing math equations…..WAIT.  That last part has been a life-long disability.  SAT scores?  710 language, 325 math.  As I always say…I am lucky that I can stand up straight I am so very unbalanced!


Pictures of the rash I got the day I re-introduced coffee.

My apologies.  This is for my doctor’s benefit.

Left Wrist

Left Wrist


Right wrist

Right wrist


Upper Thigh

Upper Thigh

Nuts and Twigs – 10 Day Detox

Have started a 10 day detox to deal with my prednisone fueled rises in sugar and A1C levels.  It is a tough road….but I am down 6 pounds during my 4 day modified version and three day full-on version.  Works out to be a half pound a day on the modified version and about a pound a day with the full-on version.  Lots of folks have been asking questions about the detox. Here are some tips from someone in the trenches.

The diet is good for most people, not just diabetics or pre-diabetics.  We ALL get too much sugar – one of the biggest offenders being packaged convenience foods and fast foods.  It is doing a number on our health. It can cause inflammation throughout the body that can bring on or worsen all kinds of problems.  Good luck if you decide to give it a try!

1. You can find info online by searching Dr. Mark Hyman 10 day detox. He has some books that you can purchase or borrow from a library in print or ebook format. Two of his books are “Blood Sugar Solution” and “Blood sugar Solution Cookbook”.

2. I would recommend taking a week before starting full-on to ease out of grains, sugar and dairy. Cut it back a little each day. It is tough! Remember – it is NO grains, not even oats or gluten-free.

3. NO PACKAGED FOODS. Most have added sugar.

4. Make large batches of soup to keep in the fridge and the freezer. It is HARD to eat enough to keep you going on this diet. I have not been able to physically get down more than 700 calories per day. Soup has been my salvation. We cooked up a bunch of clams for dinner and made a clear broth with veggies. I then made a hearty vegetable soup, and combined the left over clams and broth with it – as well as keeping some plain. That gets me through the evenings when I am hungry. Chicken soup is up next.

5. Here is a very weird tip. Peanut butter is not allowed on the diet because peanuts are not nuts – they are legumes. Cashew butter and almond butter ARE allowed. But what do you spread it on? No crackers or bread. In desperation, I discovered that it tastes very good on slices of zucchini or yellow summer squash. Really!

6. Also having trouble with no coffee or tea. I tried herbal tea. Not for me. Water is so boring. Solution? I cut up a strawberry and put it in with my water.

7. Stock up on blueberries and raspberries. And kiwi fruit is good.