Trumpzilla and his Minions

The possibility of the first female president is bringing back one of this nations’s finest hours….The Salem Witch Hunts.  It seems we have truly reverted to our earliest roots and even back to medieval times. Think Salem Witch Trials and the Inquisition.

Trumpzilla and his minions are truly evil. Did you know that his campaign manager Paul Manafort once represented Ferdinand Marcos? Even if you are convinced that Hillary committed a crime rather than being extremely careless with her emails, these invectives spewing from the mouths of members of congress and other political elite should be chilling to everyone who supports a democratic society.

Division in the GOP by Dana Milbank

For more information on Paul Manafort, read The Hypocrisy at the Heart of Trump’s Campaign

 And yes – Dana Milbank writes an opinion column.  However – his statements can be verified on neutral sites – or at least sites that are a neutral as can be found online.

Will the Trumpzilla Troops Come for Me?

Looks like it is dangerous to oppose Trumpzilla. Disagree with him at your own peril. I personally like Mr. Kasich and greatly dislike Mr. Cruz. But I certainly support their right to boycott a convention or speak their minds at a convention or anywhere else. Evidently those are punishable crimes to Trumpzilla. So much for Trump supporting freedom. Evil, dangerous man. I have been mostly silent on political issues on FB. In the face of this danger, remaining silent is now morally wrong.

Evidently there is a third person he wants to go after.

“Trump added that there may be “one other person that [he’s] thinking about” starting an outside group against, but that unnamed individual is “such a small person” that he “hates to give him the publicity.”

So – watch out.  He might be coming after all of us little people out here trying to fight a clear and present danger.

Trump Has Third Person in Mind to Hit With Super-PAC Beyond Cruz, Kasich

This Man!


I am staying away from the politics of all this…black lives matter, police lives matter, all lives matter….. ALL the catch phrases have their supporters and detractors. However – I MUST post this. I SO admire this man for not letting tragedy ruin his life. At the end of the day, we are all responsible for the way we think and organize our lives. EVERYONE suffers tragedy in life.  We can’t escape it whether we are rich or poor, black or white – no matter what.  Our only comfort is that we have a choice how to respond to the terrible things that life throws at us.  How many likes or dislikes we get on Facebook, Twitter etc. doesn’t make a twit of difference.  WE have the choice to let circumstances make or break us.  In the midst of all the terrible shootings that have happened, I can still see many shining lights.  Two of them that come to the top of my mind are the congregation of the church in Charleston South Carolina brutally attacked by Dylann Roof and now this man – Chief Brown.

From Heroes in Blue:

His son died after being shot 12 times by police officers (after his son had previously killed an officer) and his brother was murdered by drug dealers. Rather than burn down the block he has risen to run one of the largest police departments in the nation in his efforts to stop police brutality. 

He is Chief David Brown, head of the Dallas Police Department. This week he saw five of his officers murdered during a peaceful rally in Dallas. He is one of many ‪#‎HeroesInBlue‬ actively working to make our communities a better, safer place.

Thank you for your service, Chief Brown. Keep up the great work.

Who Ya Gonna Call??


I agonize sometimes when I see blatant falsehoods on Facebook Memes.  I have seen them on both the conservative and liberal memes.  But let’s face it…trying to distill complex issues and opinions into a phrase or two is impossible…and ultimately hurtful.  Throwing half truths and insults at each other is what the internet has created.  It is why I have blocked many sites and try to share only humorous and inspirational memes .  I DID say that I would post more in-depth articles of interest from time to time.  This article covers an issue dear to my heart….ferreting out internet hoaxes.  In it Silverman says. “When we spot hoaxes, we should play a role in calling it out.”. He was talking about the organization he works for….but I think we need to all play a part in keeping truth and respectful discussion alive.  It is a tough job…but we ALL have to do it.

Declaring war on internet hoaxes

Some of my favorite lines from the article are:

“Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it,” Jonathan Swift once wrote. BuzzFeed wants to tighten up the race.

Ask any political fact-checker how hard it is for the truth to overtake the bogus campaign trail claim. The shelf life of poppycock is depressingly long.

“There have always been hoaxes and rumors, but they are much more common in today’s world,” Silverman says. “The false stuff gets traction. It contributes to stereotypes and influences what we think. If we’re not knocking it down, it contributes to a more fractious society.”

He says the mission is complicated by the fact that people just don’t seem to share the corrective article nearly as much as the splashy but incorrect original story. “Hoaxes are better crafted to share,” he says. “Debunkers are seen as spoilsports.”

[Silverman] noticed that fake news was starting to emerge, “and social media was throwing gasoline on it.”