Web Evaluation Webinar – Once More with Feeling!

Alas!  I had to cancel my first foray into webinar world so that I could trip out on steroids in the hospital for a week.  Now I am ready and raring to go.  So – as my piano teacher used to say – “Once more with feeling”!

On behalf of EasyBib, I will be presenting a webinar on the topic of Web Evaluation. Disclaimer: Please don’t worry that this might be  a pitch to purchase a subscription to EasyBib. I have seen the webinars that they have done in the past, and they present some excellent materials on information literacy.They are very well done and are useful for everyone – subscribers to EasyBib AND those who subscribe to another service or do not plan to use online research/citation services at all. The ones I have viewed were hosted by Emily Gover, who is their staff librarian.  I hope to do half as good a job as she does.  Remember – I am a retired old librarian learning a new trick.  But I have had several practice sessions – so this should work.  See details for time and registration below.

Click for the time and registration details:
ARE THERE REALLY WHALES IN MINNESOTA?  Web Evaluation Workshop for Librarians & Classroom Teachers
Hope to “see” lots of folks.!! 
Since my cough and slightly horse voice are still somwhat of an issue – I will be in my pajamas, sipping soothing honey & lemon tea (no booze – I promise) Also I will follow my original plan for how to present to an “invisible, cyber audience”.  I am used to seeing real people so I can tell if they are falling asleep or getting ready to pelt me with rotten fruit.  Lacking facial feedback, I plan to have a family photo of the Obamas perched atop my computer, so I feel that I am actually talking to real people!  I’d use my own family photo…but looking at their faces would freak me out.  I know THEY never listen to me!

One thought on “Web Evaluation Webinar – Once More with Feeling!

  1. I registered for Oct 1. That is good because I had wanted to attend both your session and Theresa Keys’ sessions during the Library Leadership Academy. Now I won’t feel torn.

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