This is my brain…This is my brain on steroids

Ahh…Who would actually WANT to take drugs??

I’ve been on a bit of a downhill slide with my breathing for about two weeks. Finally, a week ago yesterday, I couldn’t say three or four words at the same time without becoming completely winded. So….I packed up my goodies for a stay at the “spa”….less fondly known as the hospital. Lots of fun meds without much improvement. After a few hours and an x- ray, the decision is made for an overnight stay. Lots more interesting drugs. I have inhaled so much, I feel like the creepy caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland.

Well…long story short…the spa weekend turned into a spa week. Just got home on Friday. Between the hospital routine and the prednisone I was on, I slept a total of 3.5 hours in the first three days. Understandably, I was not my usual charming self by mid-stay. Fortunately, it all has a good ending. They finally got around to doing a head and chest CT scan. Pneumonia in the left lung and it looks like all four sinuses are full of cysts, polyps, and other unmentionable nasty stuff clogging everything up. So…I probably have sinus surgery in the near future.

One good thing about steroids….They sure do kick up the energy level! I rearranged the furniture several times, took hourly jogs up and down the corridors, rearranged all the toiletries countless times, squirrelled away food at every opportunity (apparently not having immediate access to food is a hang-up of mine), wrote up ideas for blog posts based on my new classification scheme for medical professionals, did yoga, made a list of the sucky cable stations, and on and on.

Sleep is so important. But VERY difficult when one’s brain is twirling around like a whirligig in a wind storm.

Well, at least I can say that I spent a week at the “spa” and lost 4 pounds in spite of being hopped up on steroids which usually puts weight on.

Feeling much better … especially now that I can wake up on my own, instead of to the tune of the obnoxiously cheerful hospital technician barging in at 5 am, screaming at me as if I were both deaf and demented, as she throws on the glaring lights saying ” GOOD MORNING! I’m here to take your vitals!”

Oh…My newly developed categories for medical professionals?

CIP: Caring Interested Professionals (like my PCP, allergist, and the hospitalist I had)

AOB/B: Arrogant Old Bastards/Bitches (hospital pulmonologist)

AYB/B: Arrogant Young Bastard/Bitches (my personal pulmonologist. Perhaps there is a pattern here….?)

5 thoughts on “This is my brain…This is my brain on steroids

  1. Jacquie,
    This is my third attempt. I think I got the reply procedure correct this time.
    As for your hospital stay description, I think some of us can relate. True, but laughable now. I guess I would suggest that we all stay healthy.
    Enjoy the tea. I was glad to play delivery person.

  2. You absolutely got the commenting feature right!! You truly made my day! And I also know you were more than a “delivery person!”

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  4. Jacquie, the pattern regarding pulmonologists fits with my experience… they are arrogant bastards/bitches! Although I’ve only seen one so far. I guess my spellcheck has a problem with them, too, as it always puts a red line under the word. I checked the spelling against yours, and it is the same!

  5. Ahhh yes.They are SO important that even their title is above a mere spell check!! Fortunately, I have gone on to a better one since this post was written! Thanks for replying. I should get back to blogging again. I am a bit at sea about it, since my main passion in life – libraries – is not in my life so much since retiring. I guess I will just turn it into a canvas for the random thoughts that swim around my mind!

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