Will the Trumpzilla Troops Come for Me?

Looks like it is dangerous to oppose Trumpzilla. Disagree with him at your own peril. I personally like Mr. Kasich and greatly dislike Mr. Cruz. But I certainly support their right to boycott a convention or speak their minds at a convention or anywhere else. Evidently those are punishable crimes to Trumpzilla. So much for Trump supporting freedom. Evil, dangerous man. I have been mostly silent on political issues on FB. In the face of this danger, remaining silent is now morally wrong.

Evidently there is a third person he wants to go after.

“Trump added that there may be “one other person that [he’s] thinking about” starting an outside group against, but that unnamed individual is “such a small person” that he “hates to give him the publicity.”

So – watch out.  He might be coming after all of us little people out here trying to fight a clear and present danger.

Trump Has Third Person in Mind to Hit With Super-PAC Beyond Cruz, Kasich

3 thoughts on “Will the Trumpzilla Troops Come for Me?

  1. Oh, I agree with every word you wrote, and initially was concerned that he had you in mind. Or maybe he was coming for me. In rereading, I notice he used a masculine pronoun, and momentarily I felt relief. Instead of the relief of being spared, now I cannot help but wonder if it was first the Mexicans, then the Muslims, then the disabled, then the media, then the women, then–oh, wait, finally he came for us and there was no one left to help.

  2. And Chris Christie will be the leader of the Gestapo. Where is this generation’s FDR and Winston Churchill?

  3. Perhaps they opted out of politics after watching the trash talk, corruption and moral decay that has predominated for the last 20 years or so. Both of the men you’ve mentioned came from monied families who valued service, not just self-interests and greed. The extremism, polarization and divisiveness from both parties does not bode well for the emergence of a national leader.

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