2 thoughts on “Has it come to this?

  1. I guess my question is how much has Netflix impacted library video circulation?

    I don’t remember exactly where I came across the data, but I recently read an article that referenced the growing digital platforms as positively impacting reading. I liken this to the increase in Food-related media. The Rachael Rays and Martha Stewarts of this world have taken a skill that was dormant due to fast food shops and frozen food sections in groceries and turned it into a multimillion dollar franchise. I think marketing parallels can be drawn with the future of creative writing.

  2. It would be interesting to find out if NetFlix has affected video circulation. I suspect that it has to some extent. It certainly has affected the video rental stores. I just think that book rentals might work well for a whole economic level of folks who are unable/unwilling to afford purchasing ebooks.

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