The Trudge Was Worth It!

Retirement is coming soon. And with it, comes the retirement party.

Liking to be prepared, I recently went shopping for a retirement party dress.

The criteria? Not to look like an elderly, retired librarian. Fortunately I started an effective exercise program in January.  See the results at The Trudge Report.

Bottom line, my retirement dress is SHORT, TIGHT, LOW-CUT, and RED!  (Well…..burgundy…but at least it is not neutral.)

Picture to follow in June 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Trudge Was Worth It!

  1. Thanks!! I am mentoring a student from a local university this semester. Next semester I will have a pre-service classroom teacher for a brief mentoring experience. Only 3 hours – but it is an awesome opportunity. One of our teacher colleges in the area has agreed to put a 3-hour library observation experience into the requirements. Something that is SO important and so rarely done.

    So…I get three hours to convince a newbie to come over to the “bright side” and become a fan of libraries and collaboration. Yeehaa!!!

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