A gift of talent

I have a wonderful student who I will miss very much next year. This is how I described him in a college recommendation letter:

He is a scholar – a seeker of knowledge and understanding. Curiosity drives him. He is never completely satisfied with an answer – there is always one more side of the story to study, one more question to ask, one more hypothesis to test, one more insight to express. He is multi-talented. I have seen the spark of passion in his historical, scientific, literary and artistic studies. He has the kind of mind that will one day bring new, vibrant ideas & discoveries to whatever field he chooses. That will be the biggest challenge he will face – where to focus his prodigious abilities and passions. I will be excited to find out what field of study finally captures his renaissance mind.

I mentioned to him that I often think and write about the effects (good and bad) of  the merger of humans with information technology.  My divided mind. What is the net result of this merge?  Does it allow us to enhance our learning, our impact on the world, and ultimately our humanity? Or do we risk losing touch with that humanity?

Turns out – he is developing an art portfolio that examines the man/machine connection.  He promised that his next piece would examine my ideas and concerns.   He just finished the piece, and he has given me permission to use the digital image.

Here it is.  I am so honored to be able to share it on my blog.  I forgot to ask if it had a title. If it does – I will add that information.

By Ernesto G. (please click to enlarge picture)


5 thoughts on “A gift of talent

  1. Hi Jacquie,

    I am in awe! Both of your student’s talent and of your obvious support and care about him.

    What a nice way to end the week. Thank you,


  2. Jim & Doug,

    Thank you both for your comments. Every time the retirement option comes up, I think how much I would miss the kids and put off the thought for yet another year 🙂


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