A Must See TED talk from Joyce Valenza

From the incomparable Joyce.  Well Done!!

TEDxPhiladelphiaED – JoyceValenza – See Sally Research

The beginning of this video is a brief history of library research from the late 1980s and then goes on through 2005 and then 2011.  Think things have not changed much between 2005 and now?  Think again.  This video is done in a very engaging way – and really good at making it apparent how research today has changed and is – or should be – as far ahead of the past as Space travel is from the horse and buggy.  The vision for doing research in a collaborative environment is absolutely astounding.  The difference between research in 2005 and 2011 is also astounding and shows how the pace of change has accelerated.  I’m not sure how many schools have reached even the 2005 level adequately – considering the blocks presented by budget, content filters, dependence on “ye olde research paper”, etc.  I am not sure that most classroom teachers are at the 2005 level, let alone the 2011 level.  It would be great for all of us to consider where we are on this continuum so we can create a plan to realize this vision.  By 2012 who knows how things might change again?

One thought on “A Must See TED talk from Joyce Valenza

  1. I watched it. Very good. I wish I were as articulate at speaking as she is. I have difficulty putting the profession into words sometimes. It might be because of lack of experience that I get tongue tied. I just need one interviewee to believe that I am somewhat knowledgeable.

    I got the typical email today from someone who told me that ebooks will put an end to libraries someday. I didn’t even know what to say so I haven;t responded.

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