School Parking Lots – What Do They Say?

Have often wondered if anyone notices the parking lots after school. Yup. No doubt about it….summer vacations are a perk. But the school year is INTENSE, and the total hours of a teacher, including before school, after school, and correcting papers at home, add up to more than most people think. And I doubt many folks think about how EARLY teachers have to get up (especially high school teachers) in order to be in their classrooms by 7, ready to meet those teenagers who show up in their classrooms.


RIP Hard Drive

When would be the WORST time for a hard drive failure? Just before presenting a webinar of course.

I was feeling pretty confident about my second run through of my web evaluation webinar. I thought I’d go over it quickly last night and perhaps add a few things. And then I booted up the computer and saw it…”IMMINENT HARD DRIVE FAILURE”. And the backup drive was full! It is a terabyte drive…but I save music and my hubby is a photographer. I scrambled to save the pictures and documents etc. to another drive. I got everything of the most importance saved, thank goodness.

Now…what about the webinar? Fortunately, I still have connections with my former school. So…I broke the news to Emily Gover, EasyBib’s librarian extraordinary, and we arranged to run a test with the school equipment. It was a hassle getting set up, between having to use my former assistant’s password…and then discovering that that the %#^* content filter blocked my website. Bummer! It took me from 1-3:15 to get things set up comfortably on my end with the webinar sign in time of 3:45. Thank goodness my friend remembered to warn me that the computers are set to automatically shut down at 5, so I knew how to avoid turning into a pumpkin at the witching hour.

It will probably take me the next 48 hours to relax. And then…out to buy a new computer tower and as big a back-up drive as possible!!

Who’d a thunk? Top 50!

library science degree

Dead last – but in for the count at least!

Wanderings was selected to the  Top 50 School Library Blogs by Teacher Certification Degrees – “A career site for teachers that provides helpful information for individuals interested in becoming a teacher or school librarian.”

I am happy to put my first badge on my blog and to find myself in excellent company with Teacher Ninja and Cathy Nelson, amongst many other fellow bloggers.

This will be a great way to find more voices to add to my Google Reader account.  I have paid scant attention to weeding out defunct blogs from my feed reader in the past few years.  I did some looking when I got the email about this Top 50 designation.  I was VERY shocked to see how many blogs on my list had simply languished away. There must be quite a few abandoned shipwrecks lurking in the internet waters these days.  I wonder if blogging is losing out to Facebook and Twitter?  I hope not.  I love the more in-depth thinking that blogging allows.