Give trump a chance?

To those of you who are telling us “libtards” to “get over it” or (a little more kindly) to “give him a chance”, I suspect the same things were said about Hitler.

After the first few days of abject terror and sadness, I HAVE tried to make peace with this election result.  I have pleaded with my trump supporting friends to give me some good reasons to NOT be afraid.  I have gotten ABSOLUTELY NOTHING  other than the “holy trinity”: 1) He is NOT Hillary 2) He is against any kind of gun control  3) He says what he means (the most frightening of them all).

So – here is what a “wait and see” attitude has gotten us so far – and he has not even been sworn in yet.

Former Goldman Sachs Partner lined up as head of the Treasury Department…

Betsy DeVos set to be head of the Department of Education.  She wants to shift money away from public schools…. she who has neither attended nor sent her children to a public school….

David Patraeus might be in the running for Secretary of State. I guess being CONVICTED of giving classified docs to his lover does not disqualify him for the job. What is trump thinking? Oh…I get it.  Womanizers (aka p…y grabbers) tend to stick together. And of course, this was much more forgivable than careless emailing.

He has attacked the first amendment by threatening the press and proposing a law to make flag burning a punishable offense.  I get it.  Flag burning is horrible.  I think all protesters who wish to have their concerns addressed should show respect for our flag. But – freedom of speech is our first amendment right for a reason. In trump world, gun rights apparently “trump” everyone’s freedom to disagree with midnight tweets.

Not much hope that the Obamacare will be replaced with “something terrific” given Tom Price as trump’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Isn’t that special?

Still waiting to feel better, but I suspect that sick feeling in my stomach that I wake up with every morning will only get worse.

6 thoughts on “Give trump a chance?

  1. Good entry, Jacquie. I felt a little more hopeful when he spoke right after the election, as he seemed a little more reasonable and thoughtful. But I was fooled. The people he is picking for cabinet positions are atrocious and he seems to be thumbing his nose at those who didn’t vote for him. I’m as scared as ever. All I can say is we need to resist him however we can, including starting NOW to get moderate and progressive Democrats into Congress in 2019.

  2. If he picked Romney for Secretary of State, that would be OK. Although Mitt might feel a little sheepish after all the negative things he said about him. At least Mitt isn’t scary like most of the others and could probably handle the job as well as anyone. I guess Donald feels he needs to placate us by considering someone normal.

  3. I was hoping for Mitt. But the trumpeters have kicked up such a stink about it, I truly doubt this will happen. The alternatives are bad – though I actually think I would prefer Patraeus over Giulianni….much as it pains me to “say this out loud”. Gah!

  4. That thought occurred to me, too, Joan. I don’t really think Mitt deserves to be played with that way and I hope he will not allow himself to anymore.

    Jacquie, I’d prefer Petraeus, too, another lesser of two evils thing. But an item I recently read reminded us that Petraeus was convicted of mis-handling classified information, the same thing Donald kept harping on about Hillary, only worse. Such hypocracy.

  5. I know. Hypocracy abounds. He is filling his cabinet with billionnaires. I am afraid the average joe/jane who voted for him are going to be very dissapointed. The dems need to start focusing on helping those people next time.

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