10 Day Detox, Part II

I did VERY well on the detox.  The good stuff:

1.  Glucose level went from 117 to 83 – Yay!

2.  Insulin level when from 25.8 to 9.7 – Double Yay!

3.  I lost 13 pounds in 22 days – Triple Yay!

4.  My breathing feels MUCH better.  It feels like I might be on the right track for getting off the “devil’s pills” – prednisone.

5.  I have got used to it – so plan to continue with just a few modifications.


The less good stuff:

1.  Adding back coffee might be the cause of the rash I developed the same day.  Will try it again tomorrow and see what happens.

2.  Nauseus in the morning because protein in the am makes me queasy.  WAY TOO OLD to experience morning sickness deja vue all over again!  Still – I tried tuna salad this morning, and it actually did not make me want to hurl. Progress!

3.  I seem to be excessively fatigued.  More likely the illness than the diet. By fatigued, I mean fall asleep wherever I land, hard time following conversations, difficult time doing math equations…..WAIT.  That last part has been a life-long disability.  SAT scores?  710 language, 325 math.  As I always say…I am lucky that I can stand up straight I am so very unbalanced!


Pictures of the rash I got the day I re-introduced coffee.

My apologies.  This is for my doctor’s benefit.

Left Wrist

Left Wrist


Right wrist

Right wrist


Upper Thigh

Upper Thigh

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