My Facebook Resolution

I am loving Facebook since I got really into it for the past year. It is a great way to connect with folks when you are housebound with an illness. I also find a lot of fuel for thought. What I have ultimately decided is that I DON’T like the facebook pictures which express political and social ideas. I find many that I agree with and many that I don’t. Some have led me to articles that have helped me understand a side of the issue that I find incomprehensible. They don‘t necessarily change my mind…but I understand better. However….I wonder how many actually read the more in depth opinion articles that go with them? And many have no accompanying article at all. They are just there to make the other side angry and make the same side feel smug. 

So…I am not going to share them anymore. Instead, I will write about them on my blog. That way I can express my thoughts more thoroughly than I do in the FB forum. I have pretty much abandoned my poor blog since I retired. This will be a way of bringing it back to life. And…when a FB opinion picture makes me happy or angry…I can deal with it on my own page….saving FB for keeping up with friends!

DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to post as many cute kitty pictures as I want!!

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