Discouraged by Discourse

After a week of enduring the Republican National Convention, and “looking forward” to the Democratic National Conventions, I am afraid I really dread the election season.

I decided to spend some time…very unusual for me…on Twitter. Which led to other commentaries and on and on. For the most part, the commentaries I read,on both sides of the aisle so to speak, were thoughtful. It is reading the public comments that gets me down. The amount of mis-information that gets tossed around is epic. Do folks ever do a fact check…or do they believe whatever seems to be the “best” (aka most outrageous) statements coming to them via the latest outrage emails?

The language is horrendous, and the reasoning non-existent.

I hope that English classes spend some time having kids read opinion pieces and composing short, to the point, and accurate responses, minus gratuitous swearing and/or “Come on, make my day!” rhetoric. Lets give kids guidance in what has become a real-life writing experience.

2 thoughts on “Discouraged by Discourse

  1. I think they just changed the way it looked so that I ended up misinterpreting it. One of the boxes says “Only available to Edublogs users” and I thought it meant I couldn’t post a comment.

    The political outlook is very discouraging right now. I think both sides have problems. I generally try to avoid discussing politics-I am in the opposite party of many of my friends. I prefer to keep my friends.

  2. I agree. It is best for preserving Friendships to just keep away from politica. I think the web might be a great way to discuss policies…but the level seems to be mostly at the mud-slinging, four-letter word level.

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