Is there any good in trump?

Get ready for a rant.

I am HONESTLY looking for some help seeing the bright side of this election. No one who voted for trump has been able to give me any hope so far. All I have ever heard from trump supporters is “Never Hillary”, gun rights and “he says what he thinks”. So I am asking in an effort to understand.  Really,

Why should I hope that he will raise the status of women above leering and locker room talk, and being shamed because we are not young, thin and beautiful?

Why should I think he might help the disabled and not laugh at them?

Why would I think he might be fair to immigrants? 

Why should I think he will allow free speech when he threatens reporters, especially women reporters? 

Why should I feel that we will EVER get any help with our outrageous medical bills? 

Will people of color be able to keep their civil rights – or do we turn back time to the “good old days” of white supremacy and the KKK?

Should I fear for my first amendment rights or will I soon hear the trump, trump, trump of jack boots if I dare to disagree with him?

Most of all I am hurt that so many voted for a man who thinks of me and my daughter as lesser beings.

What is something – anything –  positive he is going to do?

I know many trump supporters are kind people, unlike trump. There must be something that I cannot see. I disagreed mightily with George Bush and Reagan and Mit Romney, but I did not fear them as I do trump.

Please – tell me something good about him. I am devastated and afraid. Sorry for this. It is a very bad day for me. My daughter called us in tears this morning. We are both afraid. His attitude towards women is at best like a master and his sex slaves and, at worst, like Hitler towards the Jews.

I know many of you did not vote for him for the despicable qualities I have mentioned. You must have seen something good in him. At the very least, maybe you can see why many of us are devastated, and can offer some comfort.

Forgive this poor Hillary supporter who is having the mother of  a “Horrible, No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Day!!

I want to see a light out there somewhere to give me hope that all the gains in civil rights I have seen in my lifetime will not go away….but I cannot see even a flicker right now.

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